The Episcopal Church’s calendar is divided into seasons that celebrate particular periods of the life of Jesus and the Church. The two main cycles of feasts and holy days are dependent on the fixed date of Christmas and on the movable date of Easter. Other holy days can be found in the Prayer Book. Principal Feasts are marked (+). Most links are to the Glossary of Liturgical Terms.

Calendar of the Church Year:

  • Advent Four Sundays before Christmas
  • Christmas season December 24 to January 5
  • Christmas Day + December 25
  • The Epiphany + January 6
  • Epiphany season January 6 to Ash Wednesday
  • Ash Wednesday (Fast) Forty days before Easter Sunday
  • Lent Ash Wednesday to Holy Week
  • Holy Week The week before Easter
  • Palm Sunday or Passion Sunday
  • Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday in Holy Week
  • Maundy Thursday
  • Good Friday (Fast)
  • Holy Saturday
  • Easter Sunday + First Sunday after the first full moon of spring*
  • Easter season Fifty days after Easter Sunday
  • Ascension Day + The Thursday forty days after Easter Sunday
  • Pentecost or Whitsunday + Fifty days after Easter
  • The season after Pentecost or Ordinary TimePentecost to Advent
  • Trinity Sunday + The Sunday after Pentecost
  • All Saint’s Day + November 1 (Our parish’s name day)

*The Prayer Book contains a table for finding the date of Easter Sunday and other holy days in any given year.